Customer application form

Please complete this form in full, determining whether we can help you obtain a credit card merchant account. If your pre-check is approved, you will be informed about the next application steps.

    Information about the company's authorized persons

    *Copies of the International passports of the authorized person (s).
    *Notarized power of attorney, if applicable

    Owners of the company

    * Politically exposed person - within the meaning of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing of the Republic of Lithuania

    Shareholders (companies)

    Final beneficiary

    * If there are more shareholders, attach another file with the required information above.
    ** If the shareholder is a legal entity, please attach a list of private individuals who directly or indirectly control this legal entity.

    Business information

    Financial information

    By signing this form, the company's representative confirms that:

    - The Party confirms that it sells the products and services described in this document;
    - The Party undertakes to immediately inform Satchelpay UAB about any changes in the range of goods and services specified in this application;
    - All the above information is accurate and correct, and the Client undertakes to immediately inform UAB TBF Finance about any changes in the above information;
    - The Party confirms that it has the authority to represent the Client and has the right to submit on behalf of the Client the information specified in this application, which is mandatory for the Client and Satchelpay UAB;
    - The party assumes full responsibility, including criminal liability, for any false or incomplete information provided in this application.