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Unlock the world with unique multi-currency accounts

Seamlessly manage your transactions in 24 currencies in one place, simplifying the complexities of international banking.

New possibilities at your fingertips
Set up your account quickly and hassle-free with remote application and onboarding.
Access global payments and local settlements in over 100 countries spanning Asia, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Get a unique SWIFT account for streamlined global payments in 24 currencies.
Enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates.

Robust security and regulatory assurance

Launched in 2018, Satchel is a fully regulated, licensed electronic money institution, backed by the Bank of Lithuania.

  • Regulated by the same authority as traditional banks
  • Funds stored in a segregated account at the Bank of Lithuania
  • Security features like 3D Secure and 2FA
  • Partnership with Mastercard Europe
  • Decentralized security protocols for robust personal data protection

Global digital banking made simple

Our streamlined onboarding process and intuitive interface give you access to effortless cross-border transactions, anytime, anywhere.

  • Remote account opening
  • Transactions in 24 currencies
  • Effortless global payments
  • Real-time exchange-rate updates
  • Intuitive online and mobile banking experience

Transparent fees, no surprises

At Satchel, what you see is what you get. Our transparent fee structure ensures you're never caught off guard by hidden costs. Enjoy competitive FX rates, saving you money in the long run.

  • Transparent fee structure
  • No hidden costs or fine print
  • Competitive exchange fees
  • Ability to store and transact in multiple currencies

A spectrum of global and local payments

Manage your multi-currency transactions with ease, whether you're on the go or at your desk. Our unified interface and instant notifications keep you in control every step of the way.

  • Diverse array of payment methods
  • Seamless management of multi-currency operations
  • Online and mobile banking interface
  • Transaction monitoring and real-time notifications

Ready to open your multi-currency account?

Our streamlined process makes it simple. From application to activation, get your SWIFT account in multiple currencies up and running in just 3 steps:


Complete the online application form, attaching necessary corporate documents.


Access your main EUR business account.


Apply online to open an additional multi-currency account tailored to your needs.

Coming soon

Debit Mastercard cards

Link the card to your accounts in multiple currencies

Pay in the currency of the purchase

Optimize foreign exchange fees

Enjoy direct access to your funds 24/7


What is a multi-currency account?

Multi-currency accounts allow you to store, manage, and transact in various currencies of choice. It's perfect for frequent global operations, saving you time and money by minimizing account opening fees.

How does a multi-currency account differ from a standard bank account?

Unlike regular bank accounts, which typically only support one currency, multi-currency accounts are ideal for businesses operating internationally. With this option, you can pay suppliers and receive payments from clients located across the world in different currencies, simplifying transactions across countries and continents.

How to open a multi-currency account with Satchel?

Opening multi-currency accounts with Satchel is easy and convenient. Simply start by opening a SEPA account, whether for business or personal use. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary documents listed on our website, submit the online application and complete the KYC procedure. After setting up your primary SEPA IBAN, you can easily apply for SWIFT accounts in various currencies by accessing your Client office at and following these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the "Accounts" section
  • Click on "Create New Account"
  • Select the "SWIFT" option to proceed with your application submission
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