Rethink the way you
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  • Remote account opening with minimal requirements
  • Fast and simple transactions with unique European IBAN
  • Daily payments with virtual and physical Mastercard cards
  • Transparent pricing plans tailored to your needs
  • Professional customer support
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Solutions for freelancer needs

Build trust

Using a credible current account to send and receive payments is crucial to building trust between you, your partners and customers.

Boost your career

Link your Satchel account and card to your profile on the freelance platforms

Accept payments internationally

No matter where your clients are located, with Satchel you will get paid in a fast and simple way

Get a 360-degree overview

Manage your cash flow more efficiently by tracking incoming and outgoing payments and the overall account balance

Best go-to tool for freelancers

Physical and virtual cards for any purchases

Contactless payments

No hidden fees

ATM withdrawals worldwide

Personalized pricing plans

Keep an eye on your finances

Use the Satchel account to manage your transactions on the go, anytime and anywhere.

A wide range of transactions

Transaction history overview

Human customer support

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I started freelancing during the pandemic and immediately realized that I absolutely need an EU bank account that I could link to my freelance platform. This was essential for me in order to receive money from all my foreign clients. Quarantine and restrictions left me no choice but to open an account online and I'm really glad I chose Satchel. I like using the app to manage my transfers and the card to spend all the money I earn. By the way, the card was delivered really fast which was a nice surprise.

Mykola F.

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EU residents


UA residents

Monthly maintenance fee € 5 € 1
Additional account opening (sub-account) € 5 € 5
Instant transfers between Satchel users Free Free
SEPA transfers (incoming) Free Free
SEPA transfers (outgoing)
SWIFT transfers (incoming/outgoing)
Mastercard physical card
Virtual cards
Cash withdrawals across the globe
Mobile banking APP
In-app live chat support
All your money is protected by the Bank of Lithuania 100% Secure 100% Secure

Let’s get started


Submit your online application with just two personal documents attached.


We will process the application remotely within 1-3 business days.


As soon as all the checks are done, you will receive an official welcome email.


Do I need to have a bank account to work as a freelancer?

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A current account with attractive fees and a possibility to issue a payment card for online and in-store purchases is an absolute necessity for a freelancer.
We live in a digital and cashless world, which makes it hard to be efficient without a reliable digital channel to manage your incoming and outgoing transactions. This is particularly true for freelancers, who rarely limit their operations to a single geography and have to manage relationships (including financial transactions) with multiple international clients. For more information and useful tips on opening a current account for a freelancer, please read our dedicated blog post.

What is the advantage of a freelance account over a personal account?

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As a freelancer you are running a business, and it is important to separate your personal and business bank accounts as soon as your freelance activity begins to generate regular income and expenses. Here are some benefits of having a separate freelancer account:

  • Simplified budgeting & accounting
  • Professional reputation
  • Legal protection

How to open a freelancer account at Satchel?

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All you need to do to open a freelancer account at Satchel is to fill out the online form on our website, attaching just two personal documents. We will process the application remotely within 1-3 business days and, as soon as all the checks are done, you will receive an official welcome email.

Will I get a payment card with my freelancer account?

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A freelancer account with Satchel allows you to order both physical and virtual Mastercard payment cards for simplified expense management, ATM withdrawals worldwide, and convenient daily purchases.

We’re always here for you

For questions and technical support, please visit our FAQ page or contact us via phone, email or app chat.

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