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Unique EU IBANs and card issuance, client SEPA & SWIFT transactions management, all with Satchel API.

Unique EU IBANs

The most convenient tool for settlements through SEPA and SWIFT in various currencies.

More about IBANs

Simple payment process with APIs

Low commissions

No intermediaries

Payment processing

Get access to the two largest global payment systems and manage client operations with ease.

Payment infrastructure

Auto processing via API calls

Remittance of funds


Cards issuance

A secure and convenient tool for daily online and in-store payments and transfers, powered by Mastercard and branded in your company’s design.

Compliance with regulations

No collateral requirements

Card design confirmation in 2 days

Tailor-made setup fees

Cards White label

Reliable security

We employ smart features that ensure full compliance and security of your customers’ funds.

More about security

Cloud solution

2FA & 3D Secure

Segregated accounts

Fraud prevention

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