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Open unique multi-currency personal accounts

Access major global currencies and enjoy the convenience of global banking from the comfort of your home.

Global payment solutions for digital nomads

Say goodbye to the complexities of cross-border money management and hello to a seamless, expat-friendly digital banking experience.

  • Streamline international transactions with SWIFT
  • Make transfers to more than 100 countries around the globe
  • Send and receive funds from the Satchel app, wherever you are

Empower your international lifestyle

No more confusing currency exchange fees. With our unique SWIFT multi-currency accounts, pay like a local in 21 currencies without worrying about conversion.

  • Manage a variety of currencies effortlessly
  • Securely hold your funds in different currencies
  • Seamlessly make payments in different currencies

Getting started is easy

Just follow these 3 simple steps to set up your multi-currency accounts from application to activation:


Apply online with just two documents, saving you time and effort.


Get started with your SEPA account, the first step towards a borderless banking experience.


Apply for additional accounts in multiple currencies, tailoring your banking experience to your needs.

Your finances are in safe hands

Established in 2018, Satchel is a fully regulated and licensed electronic money institution. Your assets and personal data are protected 24/7 with our advanced security measures.

  • Regulated by the same authority as traditional banks
  • Funds stored in a segregated account at the Bank of Lithuania
  • Security features like 3D Secure and 2FA
  • Decentralized security protocols for robust personal data protection
Tailored multi-currency accounts for every need
Effortlessly manage your global finances and save on foreign exchange rates.
Persons with multiple residences
Handle finances across different countries or regions, from bills to mortgages, with ease.
Frequent business travelers
Simplify expense tracking while jet-setting for work, embracing a local lifestyle anywhere you go.
Streamline invoicing and payments in multiple currencies, ensuring both flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
Global investors
Optimize your investment strategies with seamless payments and transfers in multiple currencies.
Facilitate seamless global payments to support educational expenses from anywhere around the globe.
Coming soon

Debit Mastercard cards

Link your card to your account and enjoy round-the-clock access to your funds in various currencies

Pay in the currency of the purchase

Optimize foreign exchange fees

Enjoy direct access to your funds 24/7


What is a multi-currency personal account?

Personal multi-currency accounts operate similarly to regular bank accounts but enable you to manage multiple currencies seamlessly while minimizing account opening fees.

How can I open a multi-currency personal account at Satchel?

Opening personal multi-currency accounts at Satchel is simple and hassle-free. You can complete the entire process online by filling out our easy application form and getting verified remotely. By default, a SEPA account is opened for you; to activate the multi-currency option, you'll need to submit an additional application through your web Client office:

  • Navigate to the "Accounts" section
  • Choose "New Account"
  • Select the "SWIFT" option
  • Complete and submit your application

What are the possible obstacles in opening a multi-currency account?

While citizens from around the world can open current multi-currency accounts with us, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • We don’t issue European IBANs to citizens of countries on our blacklist.
  • Our dedicated compliance department carefully reviews each case and may refuse an application if the applicant doesn’t meet compliance requirements.
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