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Cards White Label program

Flexible and secure payment solution created for fintech companies, provided by the European Mastercard licensee.

Payments cards for financial institutions and fintech startups
Card design confirmation in 2 days
No collateral requirements
Compliance with regulations
No limits on your first order
Flexible tariffs
Tailor-made setup fees
API integration
Payroll programs

Your security is guaranteed!

The package includes Card tokenization, 3-D Secure, anti-raud and risk management measures

Physical and Virtual

While a physical card is still an essential tool for in-store payments and ATM operations, a virtual one provides additional security for online transactions. Besides, the virtual option saves you from having to wait longer or pay more for card issuance.

Perfectly fits for

Small & medium enterprises

Ideal for corporate usage and payroll programs.



Efficient budgeting, expense tracking, and subscription management.



Plastic and virtual payment cards for online and offline operations.



Ideal tool for expense tracking and salary distribution.

How to apply for Cards WL


Talk to our sales team


Complete standard KYC procedures


Card design, production and approval


Technical integration and customization


Product launch

It takes only 15 business days to launch a fully operational cards project


What does white label mean in business?

A white-label product is a generic product manufactured by a third-party and sold by a retailer with their own branding and logo. In the context of the fintech industry, the application of “white label” terminology is slightly more complicated. White-label financial solutions refer to pre-developed software (white label banking) & products (white label cards) that are then packaged in a branded front-end and user interface, allowing fintech companies to amplify their market offering without spending time & resources on development from scratch. In other words, by purchasing a white-label solution, a fintech company establishes a partnership with a regulated entity that delivers the tech stack and ensures compliance. This model is usually leveraged by businesses that have limited technological and licensing capabilities, but have a strong brand and customer base to market a ready product to.

Who is the Сard White Label suitable for?

There are two paths a fintech company can take to put a card issuing program in place: becoming a principal member of the Visa or Mastercard network or acquiring a white label card issuing solution. The first approach is more complex and requires significant financial resources and putting strict procedures in place to meet regulatory requirements. On the other hand, white label prepaid card providers that already have the Visa or Mastercard network membership, can issue cards on behalf of their fintech clients, significantly simplifying the process for the latter. A card white label is an optimal choice for companies that are looking to amplify their offering and empower their customers with a convenient payment method without investing significant time and financial resources. Read our dedicated blog post to find out more about our unique card white label solution.

Does the Satchel card have the contactless feature?

Yes, all Satchel cards support contactless payments.

How secure are Satchel payment cards?

Satchel operates with a European EMI license issued by the National Bank of Lithuania, which ensures that your funds are protected at all times. All Satchel cards are equipped with 3D Secure - a feature that creates an additional security layer for e-commerce card transactions. This advanced security tool gets activated every time you make an online purchase or payment, double-checking whether it’s actually you on the other side of the screen.

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