Card White label program with a European
Mastercard licensee

Issue cards at custom-made fees

Give your customers a secure and convenient tool for daily online and in-store payments and money transfers.

Card design confirmation in 2 days

No collateral requirements

Flexible tariffs

Compliance with regulations

Tailor-made setup fees

API integration

We’ve already taken care of your security!
The card includes Card tokenization, 3-D Secure, Fraud and risk management

Virtual and physical cards

Essential tools for simple and fast payments, online and in-store. With a virtual card you get all the benefits of a physical one, without waiting or paying more for card issuance.

Virtual cards

A perfect solution for secure online payments.

Physical cards

A great solution for daily transactions.

For financial institutions and fintech startups

Let’s discuss your case

No limits on your first order

No overpaying for setup and collateral fees

Full compliance ensured

Payroll programs

What are the steps?


Reach out and get an offer


Standard KYC procedures and compliance check

*We will continue to further assist you with compliance


Card design creation and approval


Tech integration and customization

*Support will continue to be available in the future


Final steps and preparation for product launching

It will take you about 15 business days to go from an idea to a fully operational fintech company with the help of our professionals.

Create your own solution for any target group


Offer the younger generation a tool for early financial decisions.


Issue cards that freelancers can link to their accounts on online platforms.


Introduce cards that cover personal and corporate expenses.

Crewing companies

Equip foreign workers with an essential tool for payroll distribution.

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