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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

Unprecedented transaction speed and higher limits for truly convenient operations.

    Execution time of 10 seconds

    Full security of operations

    Availability 24/7/365

    Higher transaction limit

    Merchant account & e-Invoicing

    Link your website to your processing network and merchant account to optimize the management of card payments.

    • All major credit and debit cards supported
    • Perfect solution for ecommerce businesses

      Best for: online shops, food deliveries, freelancers, international businesses, social networks commerce.

      Gateway and payment processing

      Effortless integration

      Simple checkout process

      Automated recurring billing

      3D Secure for fraud-protection

      Ability to shift chargeback liability

      AISP (Account Information Service Provider)

      Connect to end-customers’ bank accounts and get access to a full financial picture, including real-time financial data and insights on spending history, through a single API.

      • Deliver personalized advice in finance management
      • Create customized products
      • Design tailored solutions

        PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider)

        Increase retention and optimize digital sales by allowing customers to automate payment initiation on your app or website.

        • Instant checkout
        • No need to re-enter card details for every transaction

          SEPA Direct Debit

          Searching for a solution to optimize your recurring payments? Allow funds to be debited automatically each time a payment is due to simplify routine transactions.

            Automated recurring payments

            Debit both fixed and variable amounts

            No payment initiation forms

            Full security of operations

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