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Security features that keep your money safe

Satchel operates under a European EMI license issued by the National Bank of Lithuania, that ensures the safety of your funds at all times

Cloud infrastructure

Our decentralized security protocols ensure the full protection of user data from potential threats. Every time you're interacting with Satchel application and perform any operations, you can be certain that the your funds and personal data are under the solid protection

Two-factor Authentication

Extra layer of security with two-factor authentication process greatly reduces the possibility of unauthorized access to your personal data. Even if your password gets compromised, it still not enough to break into your Satchel account

Segregated accounts

Under our EMI license, Satchel is obliged to keep clients’ money in a separate account with the National Bank of Lithuania. This way we guarantee the security of your funds storage

Anti-fraud measures

Employing specialized software and setting up special procedures, we can efficiently detect and prevent any dangerous activity that can potentially negatively affect our system

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