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Satchel ATM/POS Foreign Exchange rates

European Union (EU) Regulation 518/2019 seeks to increase transparency for currency conversion costs for card payments in the EEA countries.

EEA countries issuers must publish on their website the percentage difference between the following rates:

Tariff Plan Markup rate
Proud to be Lithuanian 1%
Regular Spender 1%
Active Spender / Traveler 1%
Small / Medium Business 1%
Any Custom tariff (WL) 1%

The respective last published euro foreign exchange (from the European Central Bank) reference rates. The euro foreign exchange reference rates are published by the ECB on its website and selected wire services at around 16:00 CET.

Euro foreign exchange reference by the ECB:

Currency Spot
US dollar 1.2136
Japanese yen 127.05
Bulgarian lev 1.9558
Czech koruna 26.020
Danish krone 7.4370
Pound sterling 0.88383
Hungarian forint 358.39
Polish zloty 4.5304
Romanian leu 4.8750
Swedish krona 10.1110
Swiss franc 1.0798
Icelandic krona 156.10
Norwegian krone 10.3430
Croatian kuna 7.5658
Turkish lira 8.8772
Australian dollar 1.5819
Brazilian real 6.6568
Canadian dollar 1.5520
Chinese yuan renminbi 7.8047
Hong Kong dollar 9.4093
Indonesian rupiah 16994.16
Israeli shekel 3.9814
Indian rupee 88.4320
South Korean won 1354.98
Mexican peso 24.5417
Malaysian ringgit 4.9060
New Zealand dollar 1.6863
Philippine peso 58.333
Singapore dollar 1.6121
Thai baht 36.287
South African rand 18.3058