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What Is a Request for Payment and What Does It Mean for the Industry?

What Is a Request for Payment and What Does It Mean for the Industry?

The way we work has changed. Self-employment or multiple jobs at once are becoming a more and more common practice. So naturally, the way we receive our salary is different as well. Irregular income and unpredictable amounts come as no surprise today so usual ways, such as direct debits or standing orders, sometimes do not work as the most suitable ways to pay for goods or services. Balancing irregular income with regular bills require a new solution and “request for payment” is thought to be the next big thing here.

What is a Payment Request?

Request for payment or payment request is a function through which the seller, any entity who wants to be paid for goods or services can send their clients a link address, which redirects them to the checkout page. The only thing left then is to use your card or choose another option to pay and that’s it, your payment is done. Can it get more convenient than that?

How to ask for payment?

Such request can be sent via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or any other application that is commonly used by a client. Request for payment technology is set to revolutionise and seriously benefit the life of consumers, small businesses or large corporations. Today when the core point of a relationship between the business and the consumer is a constant availability and the feeling of closeness even when you are actually thousands of kilometers away, payment request can really make a difference. From the customer’s side what really matters is the ability to control when and how much they will be debited in the most convenient and automated way possible.

Gone are the days where you have to be at your desk in the office to handle your business or manually deal with your payments in order to pay for the goods and services bought. No matter where you are and what you are currently doing, you can actually take care of your payments in a matter of seconds.

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