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Tips for your holiday: how to manage your funds while travelling

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Tips for your holiday: how to manage your funds while travelling

The holiday time is the time that’s meant to be enjoyable. It’s all about freedom, relaxation, discovery and celebration. And we don’t want any compromises here! So things like withdrawal fees or surprising exchange rates can really mess up the holiday. In order for you to avoid that, we have gathered some tips to help you make sure that all you concentrate on is enjoying your free time and not on what and how you are spending your money.

First of all, have a clear plan for your holiday budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. Be realistic and do your research before setting the amount. If possible, have your holiday funds on a separate account and don’t mix it up with your savings. You will be able to see the amount left on your online or mobile banking at any time and it will give you a clear picture of the financial situation.

Always try to pay with a card when it is possible. Just, of course, make sure you are not getting charged for foreign transactions. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you will manage to avoid cash, queues in front of ATM and exchange offices. Remember to always pay with your card when you can.

And if there comes a time when you can’t avoid withdrawing cash, be prepared for that and make sure you have a card that supports foreign withdrawals. Don’t forget that in many countries you will get charged a certain amount every time you make an ATM withdrawal, so try to get higher amounts but don’t do it so often.

When withdrawing, always do it the local currency. You will save some money on the fees in this way as well. For the security reasons it’s a good idea to set a maximum withdrawal amount per day, so in case of your card getting stolen you would minimise your loss.

Enjoy your holiday and let us think about your finance! Set up an account with SatchelPay before you go on your next trip.

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