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80% Efficiency Boost with SaaS Implementation

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80% Efficiency Boost with SaaS Implementation

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Satchel’s White Label Banking (BaaS) solution enables new fintech companies to establish their own comprehensive suite of online banking services using Satchel’s financial licence and software. With ongoing changes in anti-money laundering regulations, there’s growing attention towards rapidly expanding payment service providers and fintech startups. To meet regulatory standards and support its rapid expansion, Satchel sought a Software as a Service (SaaS) anti-money laundering solution. Partnering with a compliant entity was essential to ensure continuous innovation of the Satchel  BaaS platform and adherence to regulations safeguarding customers’ funds.


Napier’s AI Continuum platform platform provides transaction monitoring, transaction screening, client screening, and client activity review, all seamlessly integrated via APIs to accommodate Satchel’s expanding client base. With real-time batch screening across 22 languages, AI fuzzy matching and secondary scoring capabilities across all payment types, Satchel benefits from NextGen client screening on a global scale. The user-friendly interface simplifies navigation and automation, with a sandbox environment for efficient testing and customizable no-code rules building tailored to Satchel’s evolving requirements. Transaction monitoring and screening modules of Napier’s platform deliver robust rulesets and analytics, while the intuitive interface offers clear visual insights for swift decision-making by Satchel’s analysts. Client screening and activity review modules ensure regulatory compliance, including customer due diligence and screening against PEPs and sanctions lists, streamlining onboarding and providing insights into client behaviour.


“With this partnership, Satchel is poised to lead the evolution of Banking as a Service to include Compliance as a Service, delivering secure, innovative, and customer-centric solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers. Napier’s NextGen screening and monitoring solutions enable our compliance team to deal with ever-increasing transaction volumes and new alternative payment types, positioning Satchel at the forefront of industry change,” noted Sergiy Barybin, Satchel’s CEO. “Our collaboration not only ensures compliance but also sets new benchmarks for transparency and customer care, levelling the fintech playing field.”


  1. Enhanced operational efficiency: Satchel experienced an 80% improvement in operational efficiency, reducing the time required for transaction monitoring specialists to review alerts. Analysts were able to process more payments in a shorter time frame, spending on average 10-15 minutes on each alert compared to the previous 1-2 hours per investigation.
  2. Global growth while maintaining compliance: The implementation of Napier’s platform optimized the compliance function’s operational process, streamlining data gathering, risk assessments, and setting KPIs. This not only improved compliance but also positioned Satchel for increased revenue and business growth, enabling the company to cater to a larger customer base while ensuring robust customer due diligence and holistic behavior analysis.
  3. Workflow optimization driving revenue increase: By integrating advanced tools like Compliance as a Service, Satchel significantly improved its workflow efficiency, leading to a 71% increase in revenue from Q3 2022 to Q3 2023. This allowed Satchel to process payments quicker and serve a larger customer base, contributing to its financial efficiency and overall growth.

About Napier

Napier is a RegTech delivering anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance software to banking, payments and wealth & asset management firms. Napier designs and engineers technological innovation to make a measurable difference in driving down financial crime. Trusted by over 200 institutions worldwide, the company’s platform, Napier Continuum, is transforming compliance from a legal obligation to a competitive edge.

About Satchel

Established in 2018, is one of the fastest-growing European EMI companies based in Lithuania. Satchel offers secure, user-friendly financial tools for digital banking, including international money transfers, fintech consulting, BaaS, SaaS, currency exchange, and card services. Satchel is the first Lithuanian EMI to achieve principal membership status with Mastercard Europe for card issuance.

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