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55 Biggest Fintech Conferences & Fairs in 2024

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55 Biggest Fintech Conferences & Fairs in 2024

In the IT field, face-to-face communication plays a crucial role in networking and exploring potential partnerships and collaborations. In recent years, influential HR professionals at large tech organizations have been advocating a return to the office, signaling a shift away from remote work. Working in the office is viewed as vital for rebuilding and maintaining social connections, creating a strong corporate culture, and ultimately boosting productivity. Recognizing that individuals are inherently social beings, the importance of in-person communication is pivotal for businesses.

This emphasis on the importance of interpersonal relationships is also manifested through the number of conferences and networking events happening this year. These gatherings, through informal conversations and keynote speaker opportunities, help innovative ideas spread, connecting business leaders and laying the groundwork for future mutually beneficial partnerships. Attending these events also enables teams to stay ahead of the most recent industry news and trends, fostering continuous learning and growth.

Below, you will find the full list of major fintech events happening in 2024:

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