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Leading iGaming Countries in Europe

Leading iGaming Countries in Europe

Top iGaming Countries in Europe

The iGaming industry in Europe has witnessed significant growth, with online platforms accessible from anywhere via mobile gambling

  • Malta: Often referred to as the iGaming capital of the world, Malta hosts numerous operators and serves as the headquarters for many international companies. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) issues betting licenses to hundreds of operators across Europe. While Malta’s population is relatively small, its economic contribution from iGaming stands at 12%.
  • Sweden: Sweden has a regulated online gambling market, and several prominent iGaming companies have a presence in the country. Leading the way in player participation, in 2023 online gambling operators in Sweden collectively achieved a remarkable SEK 12.6 billion (€1.07 billion) in revenue, solidifying the nation’s position as a leader in player participation.
  • Denmark: Denmark has a regulated market that has seen growth in online gambling activities, with a focus on responsible gaming practices. Since 2012, the Danish online gaming market has experienced substantial growth. In 2023, 53.1% of Denmark’s gambling revenue continued to flow from iGaming. Notably, 32.3% of the total gambling revenue originated specifically from mobile devices.
  • Norway: As of 2023, Norway continues to rank third in Europe in terms of player engagement in iGaming. The top three countries for active participation are all Scandinavian nations, underscoring the substantial impact of iGaming in this region.
  • United Kingdom: Renowned for its well-established and regulated iGaming market, the United Kingdom stands as a frontrunner in the global industry. In 2023, the UK experienced a notable upswing in online gambling, surpassing £5.4 billion. Online casinos emerged as formidable contributors, generating over £3.2 billion in revenue. Sports betting also played a significant role, contributing £1.9 billion to the overall online gambling revenue.
  • Italy: In Italy, online casinos, sports betting, and lotteries are regulated by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM). The Italian online gambling industry is robust: from live casino tables to progressive jackpot slots, lotteries, and sports betting, Italians have a variety of options. Major sporting events, especially those with national pride at stake, significantly impact the sector, fostering community building and entertainment among players. Last year, the GGR of online gambling in Italy reached approximately 1.8 billion euros., an EU digital banking operator established in 2018, offers reliable banking services tailored for licensed and regulated iGaming, betting, and eSports companies, as well as related businesses.

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