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Exploring Business Introducers: Roles, Fees, and Opportunities in Fintech

Exploring Business Introducers: Roles, Fees, and Opportunities in Fintech

What is a Business Introducer?

A business introducer, also known as an introducer or referral partner, is a person or organization that links potential clients or customers with a business. Usually, they get paid through a commission or referral fee. They help by introducing different parties, using their connections or knowledge to find the right products or services for clients. Business introducers are vital for businesses to grow their customer base and boost sales through referrals.

Is an Introducer an Agent?

In general, an introducer can be seen as a type of agent. They act as a bridge, connecting potential clients or customers with a business. Like an agent, they may facilitate introductions and provide information. However, the exact roles and responsibilities of an introducer can vary depending on the situation and agreement with the business they represent. Unlike an agent, an introducer doesn’t engage in selling or handling orders on behalf of others. Their main task is to refer potential clients to the supplier.

What is the Introducer Fee

The introducer fee, or a referral fee or commission, is a payment made to an introducer for successfully referring a client to a business. This fee is typically a percentage of the value of the transaction or sale that resulted from the referral. The amount of the introducer fee can vary depending on the agreement between the introducer and the business, as well as the nature of the transaction or sale. Introducer fees are common in various industries, including real estate, finance, insurance, and affiliate marketing. They serve as a compensation mechanism for the introducer’s role in generating new business for the company.

Are Introducers a Common Phenomenon in Fintech/Banking?

Yes, introducers are common in fintech and banking industries. They play a vital role in expanding customer bases and helping businesses find potential clients. They can be individuals or companies that link customers with financial products or services offered by banks or fintech companies, earning commissions or referral fees. Their work helps financial institutions reach more customers, attract new clients, and increase revenue. On the other hand, seasoned introducers can also function as business consultants, providing tailored advice for selecting the optimal banking provider to suit each client’s specific requirements. By thoroughly grasping the strengths of products offered by various banking providers, they can recommend the most suitable fintech company for each client’s unique needs.

How does it work at

Becoming an introducer at Satchel is straightforward. Here’s how it works:

  • Open an Account: Begin by opening an account at Satchel. It’s completely free for Introducers.
  • Receive Unique Referral Links: Once your account is set up, you’ll receive an email containing unique referral links for both business and personal account openings.
  • Share Your Unique Link: It’s crucial that every client you introduce applies using your unique referral link. This allows us to accurately attribute them to you. Additionally, filling out the introducer’s name while applying online is also an acceptable method.
  • Earn Fees: Upon successful approval, you’ll earn a commission for each transaction and setup fee conducted by the clients you’ve introduced.

What Financial Operations Will Earn Me Commissions?

At Satchel, you can earn commissions on various financial transactions conducted by your clients. Here’s what qualifies for commission:

  • Accounts (business, merchant, freelancer, and personal accounts): You’ll receive a percentage for all paid services your clients use, such as account opening fees, monthly maintenance fees, and charges for SEPA and SWIFT payments.
  • Setup for Advanced Corporate Products: For advanced corporate products like BaaS (Banking as a Service) or White Label cards, you’ll also earn a percentage of the profit from the setup fee.

In summary, any movement of money across the accounts of all the clients you’ve introduced results in instant commissions. Notably, there are no requirements on transaction volume or the number of customers. Your earnings are entirely within your control.

What Is the Commission Rate for Satchel Introducers?

You will be entitled to receive a commission starting from 10% for each financial operation detailed above. Our team is prepared to engage in individual discussions tailored to your specific circumstances. The percentage can be further negotiated based on factors such as transaction volumes, the number of clients you bring on board, and the range of products or services involved. We value transparency and flexibility in our partnerships, ensuring that your compensation aligns with the value you bring to our platform.

Interested in Becoming a Satchel Introducer? Here’s How to Get Started:

To become an introducer with Satchel and start earning more today, simply reach out to our sales team. You can contact us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at +370 5214 22 78.

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