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A Close-up of Latest Financial Innovation Trends Straight from Money 20/20 Europe

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Satchel at Money 20/20

This year the international networking conference Money 20/20 Europe finally had the chance to bring together fintech fans and innovation enablers once again. Satchel got to witness the revival of the event first-hand, unlocking numerous networking opportunities and acquiring valuable insights and projections about the latest trends in payments, banking, and fintech.

Money 20/20 Europe

Amsterdam has proved its title of a major European fintech hub, bringing together people and ideas from all around the world. From global leaders and fintech giants to new challengers and emerging startups. This event allowed us to discover new perspectives and outline different ways to ignite innovation and boost growth opportunities.

With over 4,000 individuals representing 1,500+ firms, Money 20/20 Europe was undoubtedly an important step towards the disruptive future of fintech, powered by collaboration and information exchange. As our CEO, Sergiy Barybin, said:

“After two long years of lockdown and pandemic-related constraints, attending the Money 2020 conference in Amsterdam was a great and stimulating experience. What inspired me most was the atmosphere and community created by professionals and innovators who are shaping the future of fintech at this very moment.

During the conference, we reconnected with our providers in person and discussed ambitious development plans for the coming years. We also had a chance to successfully network with top-level companies from all around the world and to touch base with new prospect clients. I am more than excited about these cooperation opportunities we have unlocked in those few days.

It was also a pleasant surprise to meet several of our existing clients at Money 2020. We are pleased to know that they closely follow and participate in international fintech events, which provide excellent business development possibilities. I am confident that as the world recovers from a devastating global health emergency, we will be participating in many other exciting and productive events, such as Money 2020.”

Key takeaways

Participation in such exciting industry events puts Satchel at the forefront of fintech expansion not only in Lithuania, but in Europe as well. As the industry continues to develop we are sure that our groundbreaking ideas and innovative approach will allow us to scale internationally, exploring our full potential and giving our best to make a difference.

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