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It’s time to invoice on the go

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It’s time to invoice on the go

Invoicing your clients can be both the greatest joy and the biggest headache. On one hand, you are finally at the highest peak of your project, you’re getting the reward for all your accomplishments, on another hand, you have to deal with the whole process of creating, emailing and chasing up your invoice. But do you really have to do all that? Can invoicing actually be only about that positive sense of accomplishment without any boring and frustrating procedures attached? We say YES and here’s why.

First of all, you simply must start using all the possible tools that can make your business processes simpler. For example, invoicing systems. They do all the dull job parts for you and bring you straight to the fun part – getting paid.

The biggest advantage of the modern invoicing systems is the ability to arrange everything you need on your mobile straight from the working place the moment the job is done, no matter where you are. The sooner you do it, the better. Don’t wait until you’re back at the office at your desktop. Ditch all the spreadsheets and long and boring manual processes. If you send out the invoice when the idea of your work is still fresh and vivid, it increases your chances to get paid more promptly.

And it works both ways! You think it’s convenient for you? Imagine how satisfied your clients can be to have a clear, fast and easy to use system. It’s an improvement for both parties.

With SatchelPay you can generate invoices and send it on your phone or tablet. If you wish, you can even send a link with your invoice on any social media platform. Whatever is the most handy for you and your clients – do it. The best part is that you can generate and send unlimited amount of invoices completely free. Get in touch with us today and start smoother, more accurate and convenient invoicing system right now!

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