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Blog and news is Honored to Be a Partner of Ulrich Schwarzbacher DAKAR Team

Interesting news is Honored to Be a Partner of Ulrich Schwarzbacher DAKAR Team

Any sport is an absolute passion. Motorsport is more than a passion, it is a challenge to oneself and a test of one’s endurance and fortitude. This is an indomitable desire to be a leader, improve and achieve a goal.

The values of the Dakar Rally resonate with our business principles. That is why has decided to become a partner of the Ulrich Schwarzbacher DAKAR Team.

Meet Juraj Ulrich, the driver, and Lubos Schwarzbacher, the co-driver of the Slovak team participating in the Dakar Rally in the Classic Auto category in a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0 V6.

Only 3-4 hours of sleep, extreme weather, unbearable loads, very often no roads, and a very real threat of danger to life. This is what the daredevils participating in Dakar 2023 faced every day. We are honored to be on the same wavelength with these brave men.

The Dakar Rally 2023 was held from December 31, 2022 to January 15, 2023 in the Arabian Desert, Saudi Arabia. It included 14 stages. Motorcycles, cars, quads, light prototypes, SSVs, classics and trucks took part in the race.

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