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Can mobile solutions completely change the way we shop?

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Can mobile solutions completely change the way we shop?

Smartphones are not only changing the way we communicate. They are obviously modifying the way we handle our finance and deal with daily tasks. Smartphones are influencing multiple areas of business, and retail is no exception here. The expectations of users have changed with the internet and they are relying on smartphones to help them with the purchasing process. Having super fast and convenient online shopping as a competitor, retail has no other choice than to incorporate new technological solutions. The situation is quite straightforward: either retail adapts and meets the current demand or gets beaten by online solutions and disappears.

According to the studies, conducted by Médiamétrie-FEVAD, 53% of smartphone users use their phones to assist them with shopping in various ways. They use the device to compare prices with other shops, take the photos of products and share them with others and look for more information about the goods online. Another study shows, that people who use their mobile devices frequently while shopping, spend even 25% more.

So far, there are quite a few mobile solutions that are used in brick-and-mortar businesses. For example, QR codes, which are used to provide extended information about the possible purchases and increase the sales. However, the most important feature to influence shopping is apps. Different studies show, that people prefer apps to using phone‘s browser. The users say that using apps is much more convenient, faster and provide better user experience.

One of the best ways to introduce apps in shopping process is by allowing customers to skip the queueing process and not to abandon their purchases, which often happens when too much time is wasted for waiting in line. Mobile solutions that allow customers to simply scan the products, pay in one click and leave a shop without queuing can dramatically change retail business.

SatchelPay introduces a new product called Take&Pay which allows to do all that. If you are looking for ways to improve your customers experience and have more satisfied and loyal clients, get in touch with us!

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