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Meet all your banking needs with SatchelPay App

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Meet all your banking needs with SatchelPay App

Great news for mobile apps lovers! From now on all your banking can be done using the mobile device or tablet. We are proud to introduce our brand new product – SatchelPay App. Everything you need to fulfill your banking needs is now in one safe and simple to use mobile app.

SatchelPay App provides you with:

  • Round-the-clock convenient and easy access to your account;
  • Real-time review of your account activity and balance;
  • Transaction history to keep track of your spendings;
  • Money transfers worldwide;
  • Online top-up of your card.

Try it out and let us know how you like it. In the meantime, we are already working on some additional features to make it even better for you.

Available now on both iOS and Android.

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