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New SatchelPay Functions for Business: Merchant Accounts and E-Invoicing

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New SatchelPay Functions for Business: Merchant Accounts and E-Invoicing

You probably know the expression: time is money. Nowadays, time is so valuable that everything should be lightning-fast to keep businesses prosperous. Naturally, transferring money from and to your business needs to be fast to keep up with the world’s progress. Virtually any purchase you do online should be processed in seconds so that the manufacturer can start building your goods, or the seller can ship them to you right away. This applies to anything from accessories bought online to governments ordering road constructions.

Businesses need means to receive such payments in any way that is comfortable to their customers. You can’t only receive cash or wire transfers because if someone offers your customers’ favorite option, and you don’t, it’s not your customer anymore. That is why we are bringing you two new products that will streamline your business’ online payments and offer your customers practically limitless comfort of purchasing from you electronically — merchant accounts and e-invoicing.

Merchant Accounts for Online Payments

SatchelPay acts as a Payment Facilitator and provides merchant accounts of its trusted partners. These merchant accounts will allow your store to accept Visa and Mastercard payments, and transactions of over 50 alternative payment methods of your customers’ choice. It is built with the latest security in mind, supports 3D Secure, fraud and risk management, dispute and chargeback management, secure setup of recurring payments. All of it with the uptime guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA), and in any of 12 supported settlement currencies.

To help you with getting used to your new merchant account, and to make sure you utilize all the comforting possibilities to maximize your business output, you will get a dedicated account manager who will be there for your help at any time.

Electronic Invoicing Online

If your business offers goods or services that can’t be sold with a fancy website and don’t need an online store, you can still receive instant payments from your customers with SatchelPay’s online invoicing system.

Once you have settled all the order details with your customer, you can generate an invoice with SatchelPay, which can be paid for with a banking card or a wire transfer. Each customer of your business will have a unique IBAN allocated to their transactions, which will simplify your accounting and restrain you from lost payments.

The most useful advantages of SatchelPay’s online invoices are:

  • Customizable, mobile-friendly design in minutes;
  • Ease of payment with bank cards or wire transfers;
  • Automated reminders for your customers;
  • No need for a website;
  • Easy recurring payments.

How to Get Connected?

Getting a merchant account or signing up to electronic invoicing is a fast and easy process. Sign up for either with a simple questionnaire, get pre-cleared in one to three days, sign the contract and go through the industry-standard KYC process, and in a few banking days your business will be boosted by your new financial partner, SatchelPay.

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