Satchel Cards

How can I order a prepaid card?

You can follow this link to order a prepaid card, which will be linked to your Satchel account. Note: You can only order a prepaid Mastercard if you have a current account with Satchel.

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Can I get a card without opening a current account with Satchel?

Unfortunately, this option isn’t available. In order to get a card you have to open a current account with Satchel.

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What is the difference between the Regular Spender and the Active Spender tariffs?

The difference is in the card limits and fees. The Active Spender tariff allows for higher limits with lower fees.

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Can I upgrade my tariff from Regular Spender to Active Spender?

Yes, via the chat support.

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When will my card be delivered?

After your order is placed, and given you have sufficient funds to cover the shipping fees, the card will usually be sent within the next working day.

Standard delivery time is currently up to 20 working days. Express delivery to the EU countries and the UK should take no longer than 3 business days. Express delivery to other countries should take up to 5 business days.

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How many cards can I get with my Satchel account?

Personal account: 1 plastic card per account holder and 2 virtual cards per account holder.

Business account: a maximum of 5 cards (virtual or plastic) for up to 5 cardholders per single business account.

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What currency can my Satchel card be issued in?

At the moment the cards are issued in EUR.

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How can I activate my card?

You can do so directly from the card settings in your Client office. You should then proceed with a top-up of your card balance.

All the card functions will be enabled as soon as you make your first transaction at an ATM or POS.

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How can I top-up my Satchel card?

Choose the Cards section in your client office, select the card you need to top-up, enter the amount and the narrative, if necessary, and approve the transaction with your code.

The transaction will instantly reflect on your card’s balance.

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Where can I find my card’s PIN?

You can always find it in the card settings. If you wish to change it, you can do so via chat.

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Does my Satchel card have the contactless feature?

Yes, all Satchel cards are contactless.

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What is the current limit for a contactless payment?

The limit is set by the merchant’s bank, guided by World Payment Systems. Usually the limit is between 25-50 EUR.

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What is 3D Secure? Is it enabled on my card?

3D Secure is a feature designed to be an additional security layer for e-commerce card transactions.

All Satchel cards are equipped with 3D Secure.

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Are there any card limits?

You can check the Satchel card limits here: Card page. In order to raise your card limit, please contact us via chat or at

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Can I withdraw money from my Satchel card in an ATM?

You can withdraw money from your Satchel card in any AMT which supports Mastercard. Please note that there are limits on withdrawals.

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Can I pay online with my Satchel card?

Yes, you can pay online with your Satchel card. Please be sure the balance of the card is higher than the amount of the transaction you wish to perform.

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I lost my Satchel card. What should I do?

If you have lost your card, you should immediately notify our Cards team via chat or at, and ask them to block your card. The team will guide you through the following steps.

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My card is about to expire. What should I do?

One month before you card’s expiration date you will receive a notification concerning card replacement. In the same notification you will be asked to indicate your delivery address. Note: Please keep in mind that once you receive your new card, you must activate it on the Satchel web Client Office or via the mobile app.

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Can I block the Satchel cards linked to a currency account?

Yes. In order to do so, please send an inquiry to our Customer Support team via chat or at

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Can a company issue cards for its employees under a business account?

Yes. For details please contact our

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