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The rise of mobile banking apps in businesses

Mobile banking
The rise of mobile banking apps in businesses

Smart phones brought great changes in our routine banking activities. Both personal and business needs can be taken care of away from the office or even the desktop. The rise of mobile technology and mobile banking is undeniable today and it is significantly changing the way we deal with payments, commerce, paying bills or transferring funds. According to statistics, the number of connected devices worldwide exceeds 28 billion units and is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. So naturally mobile banking is here to stay.

Do you need to check your account balances from the comfort of your home, car or holiday house? No problem, you simply click on the app and there you go – the balances are in front of your eyes. It’s a great time saver and productivity booster to be able to get access to this information in just a few seconds. Another great thing about mobile banking apps is that they are usually greatly simplified which works as a serious advantage when you’re out of the office. The fact that there’s no confusing information and unnecessary details, just what you need right now right here makes your financial tasks so much easier, whether it’s paying the bills, or checking for processed payments by your clients.

In many cases when speaking about funds transfers, speed is of significant importance. And if you’re out of the office, looking for Wi Fi hot spots for your laptop can create serious hassle. The banking app solves it all and frees you from your desktop completely. So wherever you are, you can take a full control of your funds transfers and take care of your business without interrupting the rest of your life.

Now it’s a great time to get your company’s banking mobilised and take care of your financial needs in a simple and convenient way. Get SatchelPay app for your banking now and experience a real time and schedule saver.

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